• Liberal Studies

    Every profession needs agile thinkers with the critical thinking, analytical and communication skills to examine issues from multiple perspectives and solve problems effectively. Build them in JWU’s Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree program.

    Develop the knowledge to bridge professional disciplines and the skills that translate easily between fields. Our program combines the depth and breadth of a liberal arts education with the professionally focused training that JWU is known for.

    Focus your studies in these two areas:

    • Arts and culture
    • Science and society

    Then complete requirements and electives from the roughly 150 courses currently offered through our College of Arts & Sciences. Round out your professional skill set by choosing one of these two minors:

    • General Business: management, accounting and marketing basics
    • Project Management: technical skills needed to initiate, plan and execute a real-world project

    Finally, you’ll apply these professional skills through experiential opportunities such as internships, study abroad programs or community service.

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