• Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management

    It’s vital that today’s food service professionals have business, management and critical thinking skills. Whether you aspire to own your own bakery, manage a high-volume production or contract bakery, or secure a general management position at a related food company or prestigious hotel, you’ll need business management skills.

    The multidisciplinary approach in this bachelor’s degree program expands on the strong technical foundation and artistry you’ll receive through our world-class Baking & Pastry Arts associate degree program.

    You’ll hone your baking and pastry skills while developing industry-specific managerial, front-of-the-house and leadership skills. Learn the fundamentals of accounting, management, finance, marketing and human resources management that will prepare you for a career in any facet of the food service industry.

    Focus your studies further by choosing the sommelier minor, and apply all of these skills through an internship site in your field of interest to build your résumé.

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