• Graphic Design

    Do you like to inspire, inform and captivate people through design? Our Graphic Design bachelor’s degree program combines visual design foundation courses and industry experience to prepare you for a career in the increasingly prominent fields of graphic design and web design.

    You’ll solve various visual communication problems using design and digital tools, including current design software and hardware in specialized university labs and studios.

    In your sophomore year, you’ll assemble a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates your increasingly sophisticated mastery of design. Develop a focused identity that carries through all of your presented materials — and identifies you as an independent designer.

    Hone your design skills by creating, editing and presenting visual collateral that includes the design of branding/logos, packages, publications, photography/video, typography, websites and user interface experiences.

    Gain industry experience your senior year by creating, managing and presenting design projects for actual clients from community-based organizations in the greater Providence region. Then cap off your experience in our competitive internship program.

    Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities in the creative industries where graphic design and web design intersect.

    Student showing a slide show of his portfolio work.

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