• Culinary Arts (AS)

    Johnson & Wales is a globally renowned leader in culinary education for a reason. In our unique, world-class Culinary Arts associate degree program, you’ll learn not only the craft and art of cooking, but also business and management skills, science and nutrition, and global citizenship. You’ll also develop the critical thinking and communication skills necessary for long-term career progression through our integrated arts and sciences and front-of-the-house curriculum.

    Our labs have all the latest equipment, where you’ll learn advanced techniques in classical/international cuisines, garde manger, patisserie/dessert, and a variety of international dining room services while developing professionalism and proficiency in cost control and food safety.

    Our program also provides opportunities to hone your skills through national and intra-campus competitions, and learn through a series of presentations by some of the world’s most famous chefs.

    Finally, you’ll apply all of these skills and experiences through a term of work experience at an internship site in your field of interest to build your résumé and make industry contacts.

    Course Catalog

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